I lay in bed
Isolated by darkness, wondering
Is there someone out there
In the vast expanse of opportunity and choice
Who will one day be mine?

Someone who is like me
But also not like me
Currently surrounded in darkness
Or basking in the sunlight of another time zone
Halfway around the world?

I am a curious person
Suspense grows tiresome and annoying
Not that I am prepared for love
At the moment
I just lay in bed
Wondering where and when and who

But such thoughts are pointless
Nothing will come of curiosity in this matter now
Maybe not for years
I will not worry myself
I have not worried myself
So why do I think of this now
When I should be asleep?
It is random
But it lingers at the forefront of my mind
And sleep may come a bit later
Than usual
As I continue to wonder


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