Broken Chains

The darkness fades and now that he is free
his bare feet leave their indentations here,
among the trees far as the eye can see.
The sun alight in brilliance, there’s no fear.

Behind him voices call his bitter name
and reach with grimy hands to pull him back,
but he is done with their accursed game.
In dullness, sameness, they’ll fade into black.

He was a smothered light but now he walks
amidst the beauty, warmed by daytime sun.
His scales shed, reborn, he can’t help but gawk
at blooming, thriving fields through which he runs.

And now adventure happ’ly leads him on.
His chains are broken, captors far far gone.

Original image

Sonnets seem to have a real flow to them, don’t they? I like it. This is only the second sonnet I’ve ever written since beginning my attempts at the style, and I am already a fan. It’s a real feat to write one, Shakespearean-like and everything. The idea for this poem in particular has no special ties; I just started writing, ended up picturing myself as an oppressed individual as the sentences gained that theme, and I went with it, having this boy metaphorically leave the darkness to thrive in a new environment.

Honestly, I have never thought of myself as a poet, though I do appreciate the work put into the art. Thirty poems later, I’ve grown to love both the reading and writing of a good poem, and I’ve learned more types to try out in the future. April was definitely a fun month, and I hope you enjoyed what I had to offer.


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