The Blood-Red Umbrella

Upon the beach
One soul
And an umbrella, red against
The black and grey

One soul
Her hair neatly pinned
Her eyes flashing with lightning
Her body shaking from the roar of angry skies

The waves lurch toward her bare feet
Wind pulls at her dress
But she is still
She is unchanged

To a blackening sky
She presents the umbrella
Before plunging it into the sea
The sky howls and surrenders

Feeble waves crawl away
At the sight of red, and
The door to home reveals itself
At the surface of rocky sand

One soul steps inside
The blood-red umbrella hangs itself on the rack
And the waves are released
Hiding them all under cloudy water


Original image


This poem was inspired by a post called “Confidence” by Thought Wonderland!


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