Wow. You want to know more about me. I’m flattered. Well, I can tell you that I’m fairly new to blogging; I wanted an outlet to write and this seemed like the place to do it. I also enjoy photography, as you can see by the various pictures that I’ve taken myself. Spanish and elephants are also things I love.

I hope that with this blog I am able to express myself while at the same time pleasing my audience, however small it may be. But I warn you. Sarcasm is a good friend of mine, so try to read in a certain tone of voice so that my words come across with their full comical effect. You know what I’m talking about? Yeah? Okay, cool. Alright then… thank you in advance, and goodnight.

Nope, never mind. One last thing. Please feel free to comment, unless it’s negative, because if it is, I don’t want it. No thank you. Not taking it. Nope. But as long as it’s constructive, go right ahead! I’d love to know how to improve. Really though, I like comments. Again, I hope you enjoy what I have. Goodbye and hasta luego.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. From a fellow sarcastic person I love how you added your sarcasm and personality into such a small tiny about me page. I am excited to read some of your writing and look forward to enjoying it.


  2. King Hood says:

    Love your name, very creative, really cool.


  3. Mrs. Keskes says:

    I love your conversational tone. I can already tell you’re blog is going to be fun to read!


  4. I’m already excited to read more of your work!


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